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Scholarship Application For Pilot Training

(multiple awards given - see descriptions or application for details)

Download the 2024 Pilot Scholarship Application (PDF)

To be eligible for any of these pilot scholarships the applicant must:

• Intend to pursue a professional aviation career
• Hold a current Airman Certificate*
• Hold a current Medical Certificate
• Have accumulated total flight time of 100 hours to be eligible for the scholarships,
   except 10 hours plus solo for the primary flight training (initial) scholarship.
• Start their flight training at a New England facility doing business as a flight school
• Be at least 16 years of age
• Demonstrate a financial need and scholarship for the award
• Have a current Biennial Flight Review*
• Use the scholarship funds within one year
• Be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
• Be a resident of a New England state in the US

* Except for initial primary flight training

The applicant is solely responsible for completion of all parts of the application and for submission by the due date. Use additional sheets of paper as needed. Please type, print, or write legibly in ink. Only complete application packages will be considered. Proof of U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status must be provided to receive the awards.




Aero Club of New England Board of Directors Scholarship $4,500

The Aero Club of New England Honored Member Scholarship $3,000
In Honor of Georgia Pappas

The Liberty Bell Scholarship $2,000

The Andrew Channing Cabot Memorial Scholarship $2,000

The Bauer-Bisgeier Memorial Scholarship $2,000

The Donald Godfrey Memorial Scholarship $1,500

The Michael T. Hadik Memorial Scholarship $1,000




The Dr. Gary P. Kearney Scholarship $2,500

The Dean Edmonds Scholarship $2,500

The Crocker Snow Memorial Scholarship $1,500

The Joseph Passafiume Memorial Scholarship $1,500



The Anne Bridge Baddour Scholarship $3,500

The Ann Wood-Kelly Memorial Scholarship $2,500

The Lockhart Smith Memorial Scholarship $2,000

The David Frawley Memorial Scholarship $2,500

The John Garabedian Scholarship $3,000


Aero Club of New England Board of Directors Scholarship

For Primary Training- Established in 2023 and funded by the Directors of the Club in the effort to develop and foster aviation enthusiasts through primary training. 

ACONE Honored Member Scholarship

For Primary Training-  Established in 1995 and funded by the Aero Club of New England. This scholarship is named each year to honor a Club member who has made a significant contribution to aviation and to the Aero Club of New England.  This is a way to say "Thank You!" to members during their lifetime. Our unwritten policy for qualified candidates has been:
a) Not a member of the present board,
b) has not received the Cabot Award, and
c) has not been significantly or previously honored by the club.
The member must be a living active ACONE member, and can not be a member of the board.

Andrew Channing Cabot Memorial Scholarship

For Primary Training- Established in 1997 and funded by Hal and Michelee Cabot. The Cabot Memorial Scholarship was established by the Cabots to celebrate the memory of their son, Andrew Channing Cabot, (1971-1993). A graduate of Deerfield Academy, Andrew was a poet, singer, and keyboard musician, writing original pieces for productions in both high school and college. Andrew and his ‘Varsity Band’ also produced a locally well received CD. At Emory University he was elected to the National Theater Honor Society for his acting and his contributions to musical theater. As well as logging many right seat hours with his parents over the years, Andrew was a student pilot. Once, while on an IFR to VFR climb out in a spectacular skyscraper he gazed awestruck and said, "Wow! God really must love pilots best!"

Ann Wood-Kelly Scholarship

For Advanced Training- Established in 1987 and funded by the Aero Club of New England. The Anne Wood-Kelly scholarship was one of the inaugural awards and has been given each year since 1987. The Aero Club of New England funds it annually to honor its noted World War II aviatrix. Ann served during the war by flying the only way an American woman could - with the British Air Transport Auxiliary. From 1942 to 1945 she ferried over 75 types of aircraft from factories in England to bases in Britain and the continent. Ann later became Pan American Airways first female Vice President. In 1965, Ann also became ACONE’s first female president. In 1996 the Aero Club honored her with the Godfrey L. Cabot Award. Ann has an active interest in aviation and the Aero Club, and maintains her instrument rating.

Anne Bridge Baddour Scholarship

For Advanced Training- Established in 1999 and funded by the Aero Club of New England. Anne Baddour was the singular founder of the Club’s scholarship program and started the ACONE Annual Auction to raise the funds for this program. Anne is an ATP-rated pilot who has retired from a 20-year career as a research pilot for MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory. An ACONE Board member since 1977, she chaired the Education Committee from 1985 to 1992 and was awarded the Club’s Exemplary Service Award in 1993. Anne serves on several Boards including that of Daniel Webster College and is an Associate Member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots. The first scholarship in 1999 was awarded to Mr. Jason L. Zielinski of Bellingham, MA. Jason was a senior in the Aviation Flight operations program at Daniel Webster College and had spent his summer as an intern at United Airlines, where he hoped to one day become a pilot. Jason had previously won the Ehlers Memorial Scholarship in 1998 for Instrument Training.

Bauer-Bisgeier Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1997 and donated by Jeff and Shelia Bauer, this scholarship is presented in honor of Jeff Bauer’s grandparents, David and Susan Bisgeier, who embodied the ideal of the American dream. Starting from poor immigrant beginnings, by perseverance they reached levels of achievement that define scholarship. These funds are made available by Jeff and Shelia Bauer to help students achieve these same levels in their quest to become pilots. 

Crocker Snow Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1999 and donated by the Snow Family. Crocker Snow’s life spanned seventy years of flying in 140 makes and models of airplanes from Jenny’s to B29s. His lifetime achievements included pioneering work in military instrument flying and serving as the first and long-term Chairman of the Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission. Crocker was the recipient of the Godfrey L. Cabot Award in 1976 and was named an Elder Statesman of Aviation by the National Aeronautics Association in 1987. This advanced pilot scholarship for instrument training is awarded in honor of this New England Aviation Pioneer.

David Frawley Memorial Scholarship

For Advanced Training- Supported by the Aero Club of New England.

Dean S. Edmonds, Jr. Scholarship

Established in 1992, this award is funded by the Aero Club of New England.

Donald Godfrey Memorial Scholarship

For Primary Training- Established in 2021 and is donated by John Godfrey, ACONE Director.  

Dr. Gary P. Kearney Scholarship

For Primary Training- Funded by the Aero Club of New England.

John Garabedian Scholarship

For Advanced Training- Established in 2019 and is donated by John Garabedian, ACONE Director. 

Joseph Passafiume Memorial Scholarship

For Instrument Training- Established in 2019 and is funded by Margaret Passafiume in memory of Joseph.

Liberty Bell Scholarship

For Primary Training - Established in 2017 and donated by an Anonymous donor, this award is given for either primary training or advanced pilot training.

Lockhart Smith, Jr. Scholarship

For Advanced Training- Established in 1987 and funded by the Dean S. Edmonds Foundation.

In 1987 the Lockhart Smith, Jr. Scholarship was established and has been funded by the Dean S. Edmonds Foundation.  Lockhart Smith served in the Naval Air Service during WWII.  After the war he attended East Coast Aero Tech and worked at Revere Airport.  From 1956 to 1968, Lockhart taught at Wentworth Institute of Technology.  Lockhart was awarded the Brewer Trophy Award, by NAA for service to aviation education.

Michael T. Hadik Memorial Scholarship

For Primary Training- Donated by the Hadik Family, Katherine Kryspin and Steve Hadik started this scholarship in 2001. This scholarship is presented in memory of Michael Hadik. The award commemorates Mike’s career in aviation, as a pilot, a flight instructor, and his long time love of New England.